Xfinity enters second year as Premier Partner, adds Harvick as brand ambassador


Author: Comcast

Date: February 10, 2021

PHILADELPHIA — Today, Xfinity continued to reinforce its commitment to NASCAR as it enters its second season as a Premier Partner of the NASCAR Cup Series and its seventh season as the Entitlement Partner of the NASCAR Xfinity Series by renewing several signature programs and introducing a collaboration with one of the sport’s most recognizable and successful drivers.

Next weekend’s Daytona Road Course race will mark the brand’s 200th race entitling the NASCAR Xfinity Series and Xfinity continues to change the way fans experience NASCAR. In 2021, the brand will focus on showing how the speed of Xfinity xFi is synonymous with the speed of NASCAR, so fans can do more of what they love with faster Internet. In addition to Xfinity xFi, Xfinity X1 brings fans closer to the sport they love with a personalized viewing experience at home and on-the-go access via the Xfinity Stream app.

A centerpiece change to the 2021 program is the signing of Kevin Harvick, two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion and 2014 NASCAR Cup Series Champion as a brand ambassador for Xfinity. In addition to fire suit and helmet branding, Harvick will participate in a variety of Xfinity initiatives designed to engage NASCAR fans on and off the track, while supporting Xfinity’s extensive product offerings and brand moments. To celebrate the partnership, Kevin Harvick and Xfinity will host a Reddit “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” today for fans at 2pm ET on r/NASCAR.

“As we head into our seventh season as a NASCAR partner, this sport, the fans, the drivers, and the teams have become an important piece of our marketing efforts as we find new ways to give fans unparalleled access to the sport they love,” said Matt Lederer, Vice President, Brand Partnerships & Activation at Comcast. “This year, we’re excited to partner with two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion Kevin Harvick and renew our signature programs that are designed to not only celebrate achievements on the track but celebrate the work that is being done by members of the sport at all levels off the track to better the communities they live and work in.”

“Xfinity has been an incredible partner in our sport for the last seven years. From bringing fans closer to NASCAR through their innovative technology to honoring community champions, they’ve truly made NASCAR better by being involved in the sport,” said Kevin Harvick. “I’m so fortunate for this opportunity and am looking forward to partnering with Xfinity to create awesome memories for our fans on and off the track.”

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