Nextera Energy Resources 250 Qualifying Notes and Quotes


RICKY CARMICHAEL, NO. 4 MONSTER ENERGY SILVERADO, QUALIFIED 6th: “I just want to earn these guy’s (other NCWTS competitors) respect tomorrow night. I am not out there to be a hero or anything like that. Everyone keeps saying good job, but I really have to say give it up to the team. They got their stuff together no doubt. Just really happy that Monster Energy came on board for the 14 races. Obviously Kevin Harvick, Inc. and Kevin himself for seeing something in me that hopefully he coach me in to being something pretty good. I am happy. I am happy to be here. I can’t believe that I am in this place for something other than a motorcycle. It is pretty cool. I just want to stay out of harm’s way and finish the race. After the ARCA race, I am pretty humbled by that experience.”

HOW ARE THE NEW RULES GOING TO AFFECT THE RACE? “I actually ran out of fuel yesterday. I had 34 laps on my tires and pulled in and they filled me up full of fuel. I think it was one of Kevin’s good ideas. He said ‘You are going to have to do a gas and go. I went out there and it was pretty scary. But I have had some experience with it in the East series, actually, they do the same. In the Camping World East Series they did that last year. I don’t really understand that too much, just with the little experience that have, it is just weird. I know if I am in that predicament, I am going to be really taking a step back because, like Todd said, it could be ugly.

“I think also what is going to be interesting is not being able to fill up fuel and get tires at the same time. How many people are going to come and get their tires, then make another pit stop and get their gas. It should be interesting. It always made it pretty interesting in the East series. It is definitely going to throw a wrench in things.”

IS KEVIN MORE OF A TEACHER TO YOU AND HOW HAS HORNADAY BEEN? “Ron has been awesome for me, he really has. Kevin is pretty critical with me, he is hard on me, which I want him to be because at the end of the day, I only have one shot at this and everyone keeps sugar-coating things, I am never going to get any better and the team isn’t going to be any better. He is pretty hard on me, which I want him to be and Ron has been really really really good for me in helping my learning and what to expect. That means a lot because I don’t want to be messing anybody up, I want to keep the racing real good so it is nice to have someone with his experience to lean on. I don’t have to worry about him giving me false information.”

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