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Author: NASCAR Staff

Date: Sept. 16, 2016

Kevin Harvick recently made headlines by tweeting out an ominous message last week saying "My mood for the next 11 weeks." -- accompanied by a GIF of a raging bull. 

The Sprint Cup Series driver and Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup contender clarified the tweet on Thursday at the Ready. Set. Chase. launch event in Chicago.

"I just meant I was excited. I think it's definitely, I feel like you have to find another level in order to compete and win the championship," the Stewart-Haas Racing driver said. "I think that bleeds over into your team because it's so detail-oriented from every category on the car at this time of year. If we don't do it as a team and find those details, some other team will. You have to take these 10 weeks differently than the first 26 weeks."

Many speculated that the tweet was more of a direct reference to his frustration with his No. 4 pit crew, but it sounds like the 2014 champion just wants to take things to the next level once the Chase starts -- his team included.

"You have to kind of be that raging lunatic a little bit when it comes this time of year because you have to somehow find that gear and find those details and get everybody on your team to do the same thing," Harvick said. "It's a hard 10 weeks."

So is he set for a nickname change, from 'Happy' to 'The Bull'?

"You do whatever you want," Harvick said with a chuckle. "I'm not watching."

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